I don’t believe there is or has been any group that cares about the earth MORE than John Denver Fans!!  Now, I don’t want to start any arguments (lol) but in my opinion, the number of people inspired to be aware of the environment by John Denver is much larger and far-reaching than any other individual, corporation or non-profit.

Earth Day Every Day

John Denver saw the earth as our mother.  He encouraged us to honor mother earth, made us aware of the many things threatening our environment, and he challenged us to do something, no matter how small, to change it for the better….and that’s what we did.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day and John Denver by listing the things he did to help the environment, or a song he wrote to raise awareness.  List just one thing in the comment section and we will see how long we can make the list! 

Listen to “Earth Day Every Day”.  I especially love the beautiful beginning to this song:

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