Summer concerts can be challenging for musicians.  

As the hot months quickly approach, I think back on some of the awesome summer concerts we have done in the past.  This picture is from Dana Point, California in 2017.  Dana Point is right next to the ocean, so the scene was picturesque from every angle!

But, as all summer concerts tend to be…IT WAS HOT!!  Some people do okay out in the sun, I am not one of those people.  

When attending an outdoor concert, most people don’t realize that  by the time they start showing up for the concert, the musicians and the sound people have already been out in the heat for hours – setting up our gear and sound checking.  By the time the afternoon is cooling, and the crowd is arriving ……the performers are like wet rags, trying to get up the gumption to smile and play after standing up all afternoon hugging the walls for the only available shade!  

I remember a HOT show in Apple Valley, California (the closest I’ve ever come to passing out from heat)  a HOT show in Indiana (with a bonus hornet’s nest behind the drummer) a HOT show in Arizona (we all got sunburned…not prepared).  I remember shows so hot I couldn’t touch the microphone and shows so hot we had to hang tablecloths for makeshift shade so our instruments wouldn’t melt. 

But then, the fun begins!  We get back on stage as the afternoon cools down and we play!! 

So, with all of the HOT show memories in mind, I am very pleased to say that we are doing ZERO outdoor concerts this summer!  All Jim Curry summer shows are in indoor, AIR-CONDITIONED comfort!!  Bonus:  NO MOSQUITOES!

Check out our website home page for details:

July 5 – Pinetop, Arizona at the Hon Dah Casino

July 13 – Rancho Cucamonga, California at the Lewis Family Playhouse

August 3 – Franklin, North Carolina at the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts

August 7 – Berlin, Ohio at the Amish Country Theater

August 10 – LaCrosse, Wisconsin at the Weber Center for the Arts

August 13 – St. Cloud, Minnesota at the Paramount Center for the Arts

August 18 – Oakmont, Pennsylvania – at the Oak Theatre

August 21 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – at the World Café

August 23 – Boonsboro, Maryland – at the Vanish Hall Brewery

September 11 thru 15 – Laughlin, Nevada at Don Laughlin’s Resort and Casino