We’ve all heard of destination weddings (a wedding that is held in an area that everyone travels to).  It’s usually an exotic or fun location or something that suits the personalities of the bride and groom. 

Well, what about destination concerts?  I’ve been thinking all month that most of our concerts are held in very beautiful locations or places worth seeing!  For those of you that can travel or can spare a little extra time out on the road, it might be a great idea to use our concerts as an excuse to get out and explore!  Some of our friends already do this – they show up and surprise us in random places. Sometimes all you need is that extra little push or reason to go someplace new…..and what better than knowing you will also be hearing your favorite music! (You might even be blasting it in the car all the way there and back….you know who you are!)

This was a GREAT Destination Concert at the Silverton in Las Vegas many years ago!

These past couple of month, we have played concerts in major tourist areas: Lake Tahoe, NV, Rapid City, SD, Des Moines, IA, Townsend, TN and Berlin, OH.  Even the smaller concert locations (Oakley, KS and Coggon, IA) have beautiful landscapes, wonderful people and provide a nice break from the same ol’ same-o!

Every place we visit is unique and has its own reason to be special. We have some very exciting places to visit next month too!  So check out the shows below and consider joining us at a destination concert!

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