The month of January was pretty laid-back for us….. 

Because of the Omicron surge, the only concert we had scheduled for January was cancelled.  Jim and I mostly cooled our heels at home.  We did some yard work and we worked on our taxes.  

One thing we DID do, was visit some iconic So Cal tourist spots.  We had some friends from Texas come and visit us for a couple of days so we did a lot of tourist-y things with them.  One of the places we went to was the Santa Monica pier, a nice place to see the Pacific Ocean and the sunset.  Santa Monica is at the end of route 66 – there is a marker there so we dutifully took our photos and continued on.

Santa Monica – End of Route 66

Today I’m looking at the picture and I notice something is missing.  I looked at the picture of each side of the sign… this only the end?  Shouldn’t it also be the beginning?  The entire route goes all the way from Chicago to California – and it ALSO goes all the way back to Chicago.  I think one side of the sign should say “end of the trail” and the other side should say “beginning of the trail…”

It’s very possible that struggle to get back to normal is starting to get to me.  It feels like I’m looking at all the signs that say our professional road is at the end, yet I am waiting and hoping that there will be a new beginning here somewhere.  A smarter person might have already started something new instead of waiting….jobs are plentiful so I hear, but I’m not ready to say, “Do you want fries with that?”  I don’t mean to be depressing, I just want to be smart.  If this is the end of the road, I want to find the beginning of the new road instead of languishing at the end of the old one.  Languishing does not pay the bills!

Hopefully, the new road leads to more singing, more concerts and less Covid!  We begin mid-February in Texas, then on to Florida.  Once we get started again I know my spirits will rise, after all, this is just the beginning!