Hello my friends,

Lately, a couple of people have asked me the difference between my blog and the newsletter.  Sorry, I haven’t really thought about what the difference is, but they ARE very different!!  Both are published about the same time every month BUT………

The Blog: 

  1. Posted on our website and available all year for anybody online to look at.
  2. Announced on Facebook when it is posted online.
  3. Anne’s personal point of view
  4. Includes 1 photo
  5. Your comments on the blog are published with the blog online.

The Newsletter

  1. Sent directly to your email address and is not available anybody online.
  2. NOT announced on Facebook
  3. Still written by Anne, but is more of a band journal than personal thoughts
  4. Includes many photos of our travels and concerts
  5. Your comments (if you click ‘reply’) go directly to Anne and are not shared online.

So now you know!  If you want to sign up for the newsletter just go to our website home page

www.jimcurrymusic.com  scroll down and enter your email. Voila!  You will now get the newsletter!!

We are almost up to 2500 in our newsletter family and we would LOVE for YOU to join us!