In the past I shared one of our WORST letters (June 2022) in which a concert attendee decided that our show was terrible.

Better yet, let’s forget all about that one.

Most often, we get WONDERFUL, ENCOURAGING letters from people that know how to make us smile!  Here is an excerpt from one of those letters:

…….The reason I’m writing is because at today’s show you mentioned sending in requests. I met you this afternoon Jim, to not only to congratulate you on an amazing show but also to share with you how when my brother Matthew was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two in 1977 with doctors giving him a 10% chance to live, my mom wrote to John to let him know how inspiring his song “I Want to Live” was to her and to our family. John actually wrote back. My brother made it through and is alive and well and a proud father of four. That story has always been a part of our family history.

Unfortunately, my mom never was able to see John play live either. However, after seeing you today, I just bought two tickets for Sunday’s show in Lebanon as a surprise early Mother’s day present……..
Mike K.

That is only a small part of a WONDERFUL, ENCOURAGING letter from Mike K!  I am so happy to hear that brother Matthew beat the odds and has not only survived but lived to raise a family!  I’m also happy to hear that John Denver wrote back to Mike’s mother too. 

Is John Denver a part of YOUR family history?  Let me know in the comments below if you do! (Remember that the Captcha is case sensitive and NO spaces between characters)

And here is a YouTube video of Jim singing John Denver’s “I Want to Live”