This October 12th marked a very special commemoration for fans of John Denver all over the world.  It’s been 25 years since the terrible accident that claimed John Denver’s life in 1997.  Throughout the month, there have been special gatherings, concerts, radio shows and podcasts, etc. John’s legacy continues after all this time.

Memorializing John and his music is one thing that Jim and I set out to do when we decided to perform John Denver tribute concerts and in doing so we’ve been greatly rewarded by the support we’ve gotten.  The music of John Denver continues to bring people together and it uplifts them in remarkable ways. 

At this special time, we recognize and celebrate John Denver for bringing us all together, and we thank each one of you who have made our journey part of yours.  Earlier this month, we received this letter, which is a great example of the connection we feel sharing the love of John Denver with others.

Dear Jim and Anne,
I don’t know if you remember my dad…. He was a huge John Denver fan, as well as a huge Jim Curry and company fan after your band started. Dad’s health declined, and he could no longer attend your concerts, yet he continued to follow your music and newsletter every month. I wanted you to know that my dad passed away, and we scattered his ashes back home as he had wished. He was a country boy at heart, and we played John Denver songs as we celebrated his life. Thank you for filling a void in my dad’s life with the beauty of your music. He loved your music, and turned me into a huge fan as well. He will be missed.

Do you have a memory of John Denver to share, or a comment about his legacy?  Feel free to post it here. 

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